Innovative Fund Glossary: Framework, Website and Reporting

Start Funding Year:

April 1st of year in which funding was flowed to a Governance Organization on behalf of a particular project.

End Funding Year:

For one-year project, March 31st of year following start funding year. For two-year project, March 31st of 2nd year following start funding year.

End Funding Term:

The end funding year plus two additional years to finish the project, spend all the funds, and submit a Final Report. For one-year projects, March 31st of the third year following start funding year. For two-year projects, March 31st of the fourth year following start funding year.


Projects that have finished their end funding year, and have submitted their final report and final report has been reviewed and approved by IFPOC – this may be the same as end funding term date, or they may submit their final reports sooner.


Projects which have been nominated by Governance Organizations for funding, but which have not yet been approved by IFPOC. These include contingency projects. Typically for most Governance Organizations, a number of projects would be pending between January 1st and March 31st of any given year.


Projects which have been approved as contingency projects by IFPOC, but have not yet been “activated”.


Expired projects are projects which have been approved as contingency projects by IFPOC, but have not been activated within the 12 months since approval – all non-activated contingency projects expire on March 31st of the year following their approval by IFPO.


Projects which have been approved for funding, and for which the MOHLTC has flowed funding. These do not include contingency projects. These do not include projects that have submitted final reports.

Annual Reports:

Only applies to two-year projects. This is an online confirmation by Governance Organizations (not individual projects) that each funded project underway is on track and deserving of continued funding for its second year. These should be confirmed by January 30th of any given year for the previous year’s two-year projects, but must be provided no later than March 31st.

Final Report:

A term that refers to P3 and P4 – the narrative final report, and the final project budget/balance sheet. These may be submitted at any time during the end funding term.

Final Report Due Date:

March 31 of the end funding term date.

Project Leads:

One or two individuals listed as Project Lead (primary, secondary, or co-Lead) on the project proposal (P1).

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