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Search Project Abstracts and Details from the over 1000 Innovation Fund Projects covering all manner of health care delivery, disease specific priorities and patient care.

What types are searches are there?
There are four ways to search the over 1000 IF projects.  The four search types can help you access it in the way that best meets your needs. They are by Project Code, By Project Title or Word in the Title, By Governance Organization and by Keyword.

What to do if the search is not working? 
Refreshing your screen will often clear up any technical issue or email your GO or IFPOC with your specific question.

Why are there no abstracts in years 2009-2014?
The system was not online until 2015 and therefore abstracts were not available electronically. If you are interested prior to that year you can email the PI.

How do I view Final Reported Abstracts or Results? 
Final results are in the process of being added so check back regularly.  If you have immediate questions you can email the PI directly.

How do I view ALL Projects by ALL GOs for the Innovation Fund?

The easiest way is to go to the Keyword search and select ALL GOs.  If you leave the keyword blank, you can select filter and it will show all the projects.  If you have a date that you would like to see all projects after, select that year and filter.

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