SHS-15-002 Screening for Sleep Apnea in Stroke and TIA Patients using a Portable Sleep Monitor: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mark Boulos

Quality and Safety Mark Boulos Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre & University of TorontoIn a randomized controlled trial of stroke/TIA patients, use of home sleep apnea testing compared to in-laboratory polysomnography increased the rate of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) diagnosis and treatment, reduced daytime sleepiness, improved functional outcomes, and...

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MSU-13-019 The METS (Measurement of Exercise Tolerance Before Surgery) Study: A Multicentre Prospective Cohort Study of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing For Improving Preoperative Risk Stratification for Major Non-Cardiac Surgery
Duminda Wiljeysundera & Stuart McCluskey

Quality and Safety Duminda Wijeysundera 416-340-5164 MSH-UHN AMO, University Health Network, University of Toronto Stuart McCluskey stuart.mccluskey@uhn.caMSU-13-019 In this international multicentre prospective cohort study of 1401 patients undergoing major surgery (published in the Lancet in June 2018), we found that the usual method used by physicians to estimate...

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MSU-15-011 Developing a Balanced Scorecard for Quality in Diabetes Care.
Phillip Segal

Quality and Safety Phillip Segal 416-340-5329 Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, University of Toronto Geetha Mukerji Geetha.Mukerji@wchospital.caMSH-15-011 An innovative project engaging both patients and health care providers to identify the key clinical, process and patient-reported outcomes that distinguish true quality diabetes care. Called the "Diabetes Scorecard" ,...

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TOH-17-002 Enhancing surgical care and outcome through education and knowledge translation: Implementation of the Operating Room Black Box® and exploration of intraoperative teamwork
Sylvain Boet, Nicole Etherington & Glenn Posner

Quality and Safety Sylvain Boet 613-797-8899 x 78187 The Ottawa Hospital and The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Glenn Posner 613-798-5555 x18912 The Ottawa Hospital Nicole Etherington netherington@ohri.caTOH-17-002 This project involved successful implementation of the innovative OR Black Box® (which records audio, video, and physiological data) to improve quality...

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TOH-18-015 A patient-oriented risk communication tool to improve patient experience, knowledge and outcomes after elective surgery
Daniel McIsaac

Quality and Safety Daniel McIsaac 613-761-4169 613-798-5555 x 18629 The Ottawa Hospital, The University of OttawaTOH-18-015 We have collaborated with the TOH mHealth lab and our patient advisors to develop, refine and test our PREDICT tool in an iterative process. The feedback from our patient advisors contributed...

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AMO-15-007 Randomized Control Trial of Nutritional Care Pathway in Malnourished Hospitalized Medical Patients: Pilot Study 
Adam Rahman & Marko Mrkobrada

Quality and Safety Adam Rahman 519-663-3170 AMOSO Marko Mrkobrada marko.mrkobrada@lhsc.on.caAMO-15-007 Malnutrition is a debilitating and highly prevalent condition in the acute hospital setting.  We conducted a factorial-design 2x2 randomized trial of a novel nutritional pathway where we identified at-risk hospitalized medical patients, and then provided nutritional supplementation in hospital...

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SMH-15-012 Hemoglobin Optimization to Improve Cerebral Health in Anemic Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery
Gregory Hare

Quality and Safety Gregory Hare 416-864-5825 St. Michael’s Hospital SMH-15-012 We propose a transformation in local and global healthcare by assess the optimal effective and safe treatment of anemia in patients undergoing elective surgery utilizing well established and readily adoptable protocols including the administration of iron and...

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SHS-17-005 Multicenter Improvement Study Using Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring to Prevent Healthcare-associated Infectiions WITH SMH MULLER
Jerome Leis

Quality and Safety Jerome Leis 416-480-4243 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Matthew P. Muller SHS-17-005 This multicentre stepped wedge trial of 26 medical-surgical inpatient units across 5 Ontario hospitals found that electronic hand hygiene (HH) monitoring is a more accurate and effective method for measuring hand hygiene compliance...

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