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What are keywords and how do I find them?
IFPOC has created keywords that fall under three areas: Project Focus, Project Methodology and Project Outcomes. Each project can have up to 5 keywords that are chosen by the Project Lead. This list can be found by clicking on the keyword box and the list will appear.

How do I get just one specific year in the Key Word? 
The system is set up to choose a year to start your search and will display all years following that year up to the present. The default is to sort by GO however you can resort by year by clicking  on the blue Year title at the top of the list.

I can’t find 1271 as a keyword code?
If you know 1271 is the code, and also know it is COVID-19, please look for it alphabetically. Some keywords were added later, and therefore the numbers are not all in numerical order.

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