Comparing Coaches and Smart Phone Technology To Optimize Chronic Disease Management in Congestive Heart Failure
James E Calvin

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine James E. Calvin 519-663-3892 AMOSO, London Health Science Center,Western UniversityTransformation:The use of both coaches and smart phone technology to assist heart failure(HF) patients in the self management of their disease expands our ability to chronically care for HF patients. Our hypothesis is that one...

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Heart Failure Telelink: Expanding the Reach using Interactive Voice Response Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes
Lisa Mielniczuk

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Lisa Mielniczuk 613-761-4059 Christine Struthers 613-761-4134 University of Ottawa Heart InstituteHeart Failure (HF) Telelink became a UOHI program in 2014 and expanded  to 4 regional partner hospitals in 2015. Lessons learned from these early adopters  will lead to broader implementation.  The automated call/IVR...

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Intelligent monitoring for hospital inpatients based on continuous physiologic signals
David Maslove

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine David Maslove 613-549-6666 x7471 613-650-7311 SEAMO, Queen's University, Kingston General HospitalTransformation - Critical illness is associated with a high risk of death and disability. Novel solutions are needed to identify deteriorating patients early, in order to intervene early and improve outcomes. Adoptability –...

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Harnessing mobile health technology to personalize the care of chronic kidney disease patients
Alexander G Logan

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Alexander G. Logan 416-586-5187 416-418-2772 Nephrology, Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network, Univ of TorontoSelf-management has been advocated as a way for patients to cope with the challenges of living with complex chronic illnesses.  However, to be effective and sustainable self-care activities...

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TeleResuscitation ONtario (TRON): Developing a telemedicine support for rural and remote emergency physicians caring for patients in a crisis
Daniel Howes

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Daniel Howes 613-453-5593 SEAMO, Queen's University, Kingston General HospitalAdoptability: This pilot project developed and tested an inexpensive Telemedicine system to provide rapid video-based support to Emergency Department physicians. The pilot was a success, and we are moving forward to expand the program provincially in...

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Virtual TEE: An interactive online teaching aid for learning transesophageal echocardiography
Massimiliano Meineri

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Massimiliano Meineri 416-340-4800 Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, University of TorontoVirtual TEE is a free online transesophageal echocardiography simulator and has been visited by hundreds of learners worldwide. Its accuracy had been confirmed by numerous positive feedback from users. Its impact on learning...

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Feasibility of Using Smartwatches and Smartphones to Remotely Monitor Patients with COPD
Andrea Gershon

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Andrea Gershon, MD 416­‐480­‐6100 Ext 3619 Sunnybrook Health Sciences CentreThe use of remote sensing to detect early exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) coupled with early  intervention has the potential to transform COPD care from being reactive to proactive. This will reduce...

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Institute-Wide Physician Learning Using Interactive Online Modules
Véronique French Merkley & Doug Archibald

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Véronique French Merkley 613.562.6262 ext. 6308 Doug Archibald 613-562-6262 x2914 Bruyère Academic Medical OrganizationThe provision of ongoing targeted and relevant CPD opportunities for physicians is one of  the cornerstones of high-quality care and patient safety.  In hospital settings, quality of care and patient...

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Use of Telesimulation To Teach Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia to Anesthetists in Ontario
Ahtsham U Niazi

Technology: e-Solutions and Telemedicine Ahtsham U. Niazi 416-603-5118 647-339-0387 Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network and University of TorontoTelesimulation is a novel platform of teaching, which was developed by a small group of surgeons at the University of Toronto to teach the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery remotely to...

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