INNOVATION FUND Technology and AI in Healthcare Mental Health, Children and Community Care SHOWCASE 2019

Developing quality of care and resource utilization indicators to evaluate a mobile health outreach service (HAMSMaRT) in the Hamilton urban core

Mental Health, Children and Community Care

Timothy O’Shea

905-521-2100 ext 42471

Hamilton Academic Health Sciences Organization (HAHSO)


HAH-18-005 The Hamilton Social Medicine Response Team is a physician led mobile health outreach program which provides service to marginalized populations in Hamilton in the settings where the patient is most comofrotable. The objective of HAMSMaRT is to alter the traditional structures in which vulnerable patients access care to improve quality of care while optimizing value for the health care system. The puropose of our HAHSO supported research project is to determine evidenced based metrics by which such a program can be evaluated.


HAH-18-005 Our project has three components: 1) A qualitative study of HAMSMaRT patients to examine experiences with the traditional health care system and with HAMSMaRT, to explore themes and values which are most important from the patients’ perspective in evaluating our program. 2) A quantitative study examining our first 15 months of service to determine the most common clinical conditions and typical trajectory of patients through the HAMSMaRT program as well as baseline resource utilization data for our patients. 3) A Delphi Consensus to review metrics identified in phases one and two and to develp a consesus around which metrics are most useful in evaluating interventions aimed at improving the health of vulnerable populations. We have completed phases one and two and will present findings from these evaluations.

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