INNOVATION FUND Technology and AI in Healthcare Implementation and Integration SHOWCASE 2019

Implementation and Evaluation of Solution Focused Coaching strategy within a Paediatric Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Clinic

Implementation & Integration

Laura McAdam

416-425-6220 x 6019

Holland Bloorview, University of Toronto


HBV-16-002 Solution Focused Coaching – Pediatric Rehabilitation (SFC-Peds) is a strengths based, future-oriented intervention that facilitated youth with neuromuscular (NM) conditions to identify and achieve diverse and personally meaningful goals. Although there were clinically significant changes after one coaching session, youth and parents reported the value of ongoing coaching to support future goal setting and attainment. The coaching sessions were completed using video conferencing which facilitated flexibility in timing, location of participation and can increase broader adoptability. SFC-Peds has been implemented locally within the pediatric NM multidisciplinary team facilitating ongoing self-determination development.


HBV-16-002 Given advances in medical care, it is critical that children with Neuromuscular (NM) conditions develop self-determination (SD) so they can make choices that ensure a meaningful and productive future. Children with disabilities often have fewer opportunities to develop SD. Underpinned by SD theory, Solution Focused Coaching-Pediatric Rehabilitation (SFC-Peds) is a strengths-based, person-centered intervention that builds on the child’s capacities and enables them to identify personally meaningful goals, generate attainment strategies and achieve their ‘preferred future’. However, we do not know if SFC-Peds will facilitate generation and attainment of personally meaningful goals for children with NM conditions and if there is a specific number of sessions required for benefit. Fourteen participants were randomized into single or intensive (5 session) coaching sessions using video conferencing. There were clinically significant changes on the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure in both performance (3.2 ±1.7 vs 3.9± 3.0) and satisfaction (3.0±2.1 vs 3.6±2.8) scores for both groups respectively. Additionally, there was a statistically significant increase in goal attainment scaling t-scores for both groups respectively (51.2±15.5 vs 54.0±11.7). There were no differences between single or intensive coaching groups. The experiences of participants were explored through qualitative interviews. The children found the coaching helpful and were surprised they achieved their goals. Parents indicated that single coaching sessions were not enough and recommended multiple coaching sessions. Recruitment was a challenge, 5 additional participants consented however, withdrew consent secondary to not having enough time. SFC-Peds is a strategy that facilitated skills important for SD development in children with NM conditions.

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