Validation of Simulation-Based Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Resuscitation Skills in Emergency Medicine Postgraduate Trainees
Damon Dagnone

Emergency and Critical Care Damon Dagnone 613-583-9491 Queen's University Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO)Transformation: Simulation-based Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are proving to be an effective methodology for competency-based assessment of resuscitation skills.  With the transition to competency-based medical education (CBME) within all postgraduate medical education training...

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Quality of post cardiac arrest care – The post arrest consult team
Laurie Morrison

Emergency and Critical Care Presenting: Katie Dainty Laurie Morrison 416-864-6060 X7846 St. Michael's, University of TorontoA novel, interdisciplinary team (the PACT) was developed and implemented to optimize postcardiac arrest care. The PACT was able to significantly reduce premature withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy in these patients, however improvements in...

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Innovative Use of AEDs by Nurses and Respiratory Therapists During In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Christian Vaillancourt

Emergency and Critical Care Christian Vaillancourt 613-798-5555 ext.17012 TOHAMO, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, uOttawaThe overall goal of this proposal is to save the lives of more cardiac arrest victims. We will do this by allowing nurses and respiratory therapists to use AEDs during in-hospital cardiac arrest. This...

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Towards RECOVER: Interdisciplinary and molecular characterization of functional disability after critical illness and development of a family-centred rehabilitation program
Margaret Herridge

Emergency and Critical Care Margaret Herridge 416-340-3057 University Health Network - Toronto General HospitalDeterminants of one-year disability risk groups and outcomes after 7 days of mechanical ventilation(MV) in medical and surgical ICU survivors and their caregivers are unknown. Few resources are available to support patients and caregivers to...

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Diaphragm Monitoring for Muscle Protective Mechanical Ventilation
Niall Ferguson

Emergency and Critical Care Presenting by: Ewan Goligher Niall Ferguson 416-340-3096 Ewan Goligher University Health Network, University of TorontoDiaphragm weakness is a common problem in ventilated patients and impedes liberation from the ventilator. We have developed an innovative technique for monitoring patient inspiratory effort and measuring diaphragm thickness...

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Evidence-Based Medicine for Enhanced Management of Complicated Staphylococcus Aureus Infections: Can We Do Better? Tina Mele

Emergency and Critical Care Tina Mele 519-685-8500 ext. 33970 AMOSOStaphylococcus aureus is a leading cause of hospital and community acquired bacteremia. Our results suggest a link between staphylococcal superantigens and patient outcomes. The presence of multiple superantigen genes correlates with increased IL-2 production and worse patient outcomes with...

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Therapeutic Alliance
Andre Amaral

Emergency and Critical Care Andre Amaral 416-480-6100 ext 83666 Sunnybrook Health Sciences CentreTransformation: We expect processes of care related to communication and decision-making to improve. Adaptability: We expect that many parts of our website will be used in other hospital settings, and the locally specific parts of the...

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Validating a Screening Strategy to Improve the Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions in Emergency Departments
Jeffrey Perry

Emergency and Critical Care Jeffrey Perry (613) 798-5555 ext 18763 Department of Emergency Medicine, The Ottawa HospitalIn 2014, Accreditation Canada, a not-for-profit organization that evaluates healthcare institutions on quality of care, introduced a requirement for emergency departments (EDs) to identify patients at high-risk for drug-related morbidity, so that...

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A Novel Approach to the Assessment of Alcohol Withdrawal in the Emergency Department
Bjug Borgundvaag

Emergency and Critical Care Bjug Borgundvaag 416-586-4800 ext 2144 416-586-8330 MSH/UHN AMO, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of TorontoWe have developed an innovative, web-based, educational curriculum to teach clinicians how to accurately assess and treat alcohol withdrawal. The curriculum includes three e-learning modules, standardized simulated patient scenarios and...

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