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An Innovative Intervention Framework and Toolkit to Ease the Decision-Making and Transition to Non-Driving for Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers: Translating Knowledge to Action

Innovative Approaches to Care Delivery, Public Health, and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Gary Naglie
416-785-2500 ext. 2072

Baycrest and University of Toronto;

Mark Rapoport


Sunnybrook Health Sciences and University of Toronto


As the outcome of this project, the Driving and Dementia Roadmap (DDR), is an innovative, evidence-based, person-centred and flexible online educational resource/toolkit with guided access to specific content and unique portals for people living with dementia, family/friend carers and healthcare providers. Its aim of meeting the knowledge needs of affected individuals through the challenging process of decision-making and transitioning to non-driving has begun to be realized since it was publically launched in October 2022. With over 26,000 users to date, the DDR has the capacity to translate new knowledge across the healthcare system provincially, nationally and beyond, impacting how people with dementia, family/friend carers and healthcare providers address and manage driving cessation


For many older adults driving is crucial to maintaining their independence, social connections and identity. Hence, the decision to stop driving and the transition to non-driving is a challenging task for drivers with dementia, their family/friend carers and healthcare providers. To address the critical need for accessible information and resources to support affected individuals throughout the driving cessation process, we developed an online educational resource/toolkit called the Driving and Dementia Roadmap (DDR) ( Our objective in this project was to further develop and refine the DDR to ensure its relevance, ease of use and effective implementation in community settings based on the feedback of key stakeholders. We used the Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) framework to guide this process that included interviews with 15 Alzheimer Society staff and on-going consultations with people with dementia and family/friend carers. With their input, the DDR has evolved to become a unique, evidence-informed, person-centred and flexible resource that comprehensively addresses the practical and emotional needs of people with dementia and heir family/friend carers in the context of driving cessation. Study findings from an implementation evaluation of the DDR (funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation), as well as feedback from the dissemination of the DDR (e.g., webinars, media appearances), suggest that the DDR can be effectively implemented to translate new knowledge across the healthcare system provincially, nationally and beyond. With funding secured from the AFP Innovation Fund (2021-22; 2023-25) we are exploring the DDR’s uptake and impact in influencing how people with dementia, family/friend carers and healthcare providers approach and manage driving cessation. In addition, our current development of a French language version of the DDR, as well as printed versions of the DDR, will further enhance the DDR’s reach and usability.


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